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  • Decolonising Global Health


    Decolonising Global Health: Special Issue of the Journal of Decolonising Disciplines

    This special issue on the Decolonization of Global Health is rooted in a global #DecolonizeGlobalHealth movement that has gained momentum among post-graduate students from reading in medical sciences, public health, and global health sciences faculties and programmes.  Several universities, such as Harvard University, Duke University, Edinburg University, and Karolinska Institutet – Stockholm have hosted successful Decolonizing Global Health conferences.  At these conferences, as a global community, we have considered themes such as existing patterns of unequal power within contemporary global health systems, rooted in coloniality, and reproduced via neo-colonial practices; the continued influence of coloniality on global health methods, policies, financial practices, theories, and curricula; COVID-19’s role in exposing fault lines within existing global health systems; building interdisciplinary, multisectoral, and international global health collaborations based on mutuality, reciprocity, and respect. These conferences have brought together scholars and research collaborators from varied contexts and geo-political locales, inspiring the possibilities of attaining a key decolonial objective, inter-epistemic dialogue.

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